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In line with our Human Resources Policy and Common Values, it is to create employment by reaching the right candidates who will help Atasay reach its future goals. The job descriptions of the positions have been determined and are revised in line with the needs. At Atasay, a competency-based recruitment process has been established.


"Performance Evaluation" is conducted for each employee at least twice a year. Performance appraisal results are communicated to the personnel in writing. Signatures of the evaluator and the appraised person indicating that this information has been given are taken. These evaluation principles are taken into account in the possible wage changes of the personnel, their transition to new duties and the continuation of the employment contract.


In parallel with the developments in the organizational structure, the managers and manager candidates who will carry Atasay to their future goals are constantly monitored both by the performance evaluation system and by their top managers, they receive the training required for the position they have backed up, and at the end of the year, they work with their top managers and the Human Resources and Corporate Development Department. All these studies are evaluated and promotions and appointments are made.


ATASAY ACADEMY is a strategic information management system developed to make learning a part of corporate culture and to be a learning and developing organization. In this system, which was established to contribute to all our employees, it is aimed to ensure continuous development both through classroom training and online.


A transparent communication network has been established between our employees and our senior management. The activities realized during the year and the announcements concerning the employees are made by Human Resources.


The general application form has been prepared for anyone who cannot find a position suitable for their competencies among the current postings and wants to apply to Atasay. Applications will be saved in our database and you will be contacted if they match a suitable position. In order for your CV to be evaluated more quickly and accurately, please indicate the position you are interested in.

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