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Procedure Guide

Membership Procedures

To become a member of atasay.com please click the "LOGIN > BECOME A MEMBER" option on our home page on the top right corner.

Please fill in your First Name, Last Name, E-mail, GSM Number, and Password on the “Membership” page that will open.

By ticking the boxes of “Approve the Membership Agreement.” > “I want to be informed about Announcements and Campaigns”  (If you want to be informed about announcements and news after becoming a member) and clicking the "REGISTER" button, you can become a member.

For faster registration on atasay.comyou can click the “Connect faster with Facebook!” button.



Enter theatasay.comwebsite and click the "LOGIN >Login" option on the top right corner.

On the page that opens, enter the e-mail address you used and the password you set when subscribing, and click the "ENTER" button.

If you forgot your password, please click the "I Forgot My Password" linkine link. On the page that opens, write the e-mail you used during subscription in the e-mail field. Click the “REMIND MY PASSWORD” button on the screen. Your password will be delivered to you by e-mail.


Product Purchase OPERATIONS

After successfully completing the member login, product selection can be made from the relevant categories or you can reach the products page by entering the product name or code in the “SEARCH” field located in the top menu. After the product selection is made, you can send the product you selected to your shopping cart easily by clicking on “ADD TO CART.”

When you add a product to your cart, you will see the; “Continue Shopping” and “Complete Order” messages on the screen. If you want to continue shopping, you can continue by clicking “Continue Shopping” where you left off. If you do not want to add a different product to your cart and want to place your order directly, you can go to your shopping cart by clicking “Complete Order.”

You can change the quantity of your product from the quantity section on your cart page. You can see the Campaign Discount, Shipping fee, VAT, and Total amount, or you can delete products from your cart.

When you click “Complete Order” you have to register your address on the “Delivery Address, Payment Options, Order Confirmation” spage if you want delivery to your door.

If you want the address on your invoice to be different, if the different delivery option is active on our website, enter the billing address by clicking “Add New Address (+)” Click on the relevant boxes for the delivery address and billing address. Make sure that your billing information and delivery information are complete and accurate to ensure that your order can be invoiced correctly and to avoid delivery problems.

After you create your delivery address and billing address information, enter your Credit/Debit card information and select the installment option you prefer under the “Payment Options” section.

After entering card information “PRELIMINARY INFORMATION FORM AND DISTANCE SALES AGREEMENT” must be read and approved. Click the “Complete My Order ”after completing the order details and credit card payment information. The page that appears contains the order number and information. All information about the order details is sent to the e-mail address where the membership is registered, and you can also access your information in the “My Orders” afield in your membership account.