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Franchising System

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Atasay, which has been serving with more than 170 stores in Turkey and in the world, from its establishment until today; It is the leading company that directs the development of the sector with its business models, innovative product categories and big campaigns it has brought to the jewelery industry. As the most rooted and most valuable brand in our industry, we invite entrepreneurs who want to open Atasay stores or our colleagues who want to develop their businesses to be a part of our "Franchising" system. Investors who will open Atasay stores in their regions within the scope of our franchising system; they will set out with the most trusted and interested company in the sector, and they will benefit from the ready customer potential created by our strong and reliable brand image. Therefore, by joining a ready-made system, you will have more opportunities and energy to develop your business while starting one step ahead of your competitors. Thanks to our franchising system, which came into effect in 2002, we share the experience and experience of the organized retail network of years with you, so we offer our departments and professionals specialized in different fields that a store cannot employ on its own. Thanks to the Atasay Retailing Academy, which we established with the aim of supporting the training and development of our stores, regular trainings are offered on many different subjects, and it is ensured that our stores act equipped in front of the rapidly changing market conditions. With the data connection to be established between our center and your store, you will also have access to our strong technological infrastructure. By using the software we have developed, you will have the opportunity to instantly see and order the stocks in our center from your store, and on the other hand, you will have all the accounting software requirements for the operation of a store. In addition, you will have the opportunity to benefit from common benefits such as presenting our products to the consumers at the retail sales prices determined by our center for the whole of Turkey. Being under the roof of Atasay, the most well-known jewelery brand in Turkey, allows you to benefit from the increase in the preference for branded products on special days such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, New Year's Day, Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, while sales above the market averages with the support of our year-round advertising campaigns. You will have the opportunity to make and profit. We will be happy to see you as a member of Atasay family.

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