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Board of Directors

Atasay Kamer

Atasay Jewelry, which has been in the first league of the Turkish jewelry industry for the last 3 generations, dates back to the 1930s, the development period of the Republic of Turkey. Atasay, whose foundations were laid in Denizli's Çivril district in 1937, holds the leadership in the sector as the locomotive power of change and development in the transition of jewelry from a tradesman to an industrialized production branch.

The most important turning point in the historical development of Atasay Jewelry is the adventure of developing and expanding the commercial experience and knowledge of Atasay Kamer, the founder of the company, inherited from his father, with new searches. The most important of the key dates of this adventure is undoubtedly Atasay Kamer's tour of Anatolia in 1965 and the rich experience and observations he gained during this tour in numerous cities of Anatolia regarding the sector.

During this trip, Atasay Kamer became acquainted with different production techniques and traditions in different regions of Anatolia, witnessed the realities of the jewelry industry on site, and started to form the foundation of Atasay Jewelry after his Anatolian tour, which he ended with both cultural and commercial gains.

Thanks to his business acumen, strategic foresight and innovative approaches, he made important contributions to the development and growth of both his business partners and the sector by signing important projects in the jewelery industry. It was seen as almost the school of the industry. Many of his teammates, with whom he was a companion, turned to commercial formations, and his teachings took place in the formation of many brands.

Atasay Honorary President Atasay Kamer spends all his time today by investing in education and culture.

Cihan Kamer

He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Atasay Group, which operates in the fields of Food, Tourism, Energy, Transportation and Real Estate, which is the locomotive of Atasay Jewellery, a powerful brand that has won the trust of Turkish consumers for 80 years, pioneered the growth of its sector, and made its country an important actor in the world league. Cihan Kamer, who always keeps his innovative vision and entrepreneurial spirit alive by evaluating corporate values and leadership, especially jewelry, from a global perspective; It has become one of the important forces contributing to the development of the Turkish economy by expanding its main field of activity, the jewelery sector, thanks to its perfectionist approach from production to marketing and the ideas it has brought to life with a unique perspective.

Çiğdem Kamer

Çiğdem Kamer, who has been involved in all processes of the brand since 1996, has transferred her successful CEO role to her son Atasay Kamer as of January 2015 and is currently a Member of the Executive Board of Atasay Jewellery. With innovative and proactive marketing ideas; made significant contributions to product development and design processes, witnessed Atasay's lovemark journey and played an important role in achieving its position as the most admired brand in the sector.

Atasay Kamer

Atasay Kamer was born in 1986. After graduating from London School of Economics and Political Science in Management Economics, and in New York Pace University in Business Administration, he did an internship at Goldman Sachs. After his internship, he returned to Turkey and took part in the revitalization and marketing process of the Asgold brand, which was first created by his grandfather Atasay Kamer. With the system he established and the projects he developed, he quickly put his works into operation within Atasay and became Atasay's Diamond Brands Director. Atasay Kamer, who has been appointed as the CEO since January 2015, aims to turn his family business Atasay Jewelry and its brands into international brands.