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Our Quality Policy

  • To ensure customer satisfaction with our product quality, model variety, and after-sales services;
  • Constantly addressing the demands of customers with our collections and new products;
  • Timely delivery to our customers;
  • To produce our products in accordance with the carat requested by our customers;
    To ensure that the activities in our company comply with the requirements of the quality management system and to continuously improve them.


Our Environment Policy

Our fundamental principles are as follows:

  • To use raw materials, water and energy effectively,
  • To control and reduce the effects of our activities and machines on the environment, health, and safety by making risk analyses,
  • To fulfill our legal obligations on Environment, Health, and Safety,
  • To have our hazardous wastes generated in our service processes disposed of in licensed establishments,
  • To prevent environmental pollution, to protect the environment, and to improve the environmental management system,
  • To organize training programs and various activities for raising awareness of all our employees on the environment, health and safety issues,
  • To ensure that all materials and services we supply comply with our Environmental and Occupational Safety Management System,/span>
  • To prevent possible emergencies and occupational accidents before they occur./span>