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Chopard for Atasay is a "Good Luck"

During its 75th year of work, Atasay started its partnership with one of the biggest Swiss companies, Chopard, watch and jewelry manufacturer.

Atasay celebrates its 75th anniversary by establishing a partnership with Chopard, one of the most famous watch and jewelry manufacturers in the world. Chopard, used in V.I.P. layer of society, famous for its collections worn on Oscar and Cannes festivals, and popular among such celebrities as Penelope Cruz and Eva Herzigova, now prepared a collection called “Good Luck” for Atasay.

Atasay, the vision 2023 of which is “to be one of the 10 leading trademarks of the jewelry sector”, started its great work union with Chopard, the luxurious jeweler preferred by Hollywood stars.

The partnership of Atasay and Chopard, that owns limited annual productions of such incomparable collections as Happy Sport, Happy Diamonds, Copacabana, is the first and unique project that is a partnership between a luxurious international trademark and Turkish local brand. Chopard’s distributor in Turkey, Tektaş Saatçilik A.Ş. (Tektaş Clock making) bears a responsibility of being a bridge between these 2 important brands.

The first and only... Good Luck Project
Chopard that was established as a clock making company by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in Switzerland in 1860, nowadays develops collections, which are the synthesis of jewelry and watch. It created a perfect collection for a Turkish trademark for the first time. Atasay was honored to be this trademark. The first product of “Chopard for Atasay” brand was called “Good Luck”.

“Good luck” collection consists of 5 models designed by Caroline Scheufele, who is Co-president of Chopard and its Art Director at the same time.

“Good Luck” collection, created by Chopard for Atasay, defines luxury. The items will be presented in Atasay shops on May 7 2012, where they will be able to find their owners. Every model is represented by 75 items. In total collection consists of 375 watches. The prices of Chopard for Atasay start at 9700 TL.

Scheufele’s love to Turkish traditional objects in her designs was reflected on the “Good Luck” concept’s creation. You can feel the traces of Eastern and Western history in this limited edition. Such symbols of luck and fortune as clover, heart, blue bead worn against the evil eye , Fatma’s hand and horse shoe were used in the collection. Each of this collection’s models has an international guaranty. All products are limited edition due to the 75th anniversary of Atasay.

The watches themselves are made of steel, the watch straps are made of sateen of different pastel colors. The watches are nicely decorated with the symbols of luck and fortune, colorful sapphires, rubies and brilliants.

Tektaş brought the 2 giants together
Tektaş Saatçilik A.Ş. that has been representing Chopard in Turkey since 1980 became the reason of Atasay’s and Chopard’s partnership. Tektaş Saatçilik A.Ş., the Turkish representative of world-famous trademark Chopard, became the bridge in Chopard’s and Atasay’s united projects which helped them develop a unique model for Atasay.

The Head of the Management Board of Tektaş Saatçilik A.Ş. Shelly Ovadia said, that “Chopard’s soft and warm approach to Turkey, Atasay’s leadership and great experience in the sector had a great effect on the development of this project”.

Ovadia, who was very happy to be the agent between 2 giant companies and help them to develop an international project said, “We moved Switzerland to Turkey and Turkey to the international market. We are very happy to do such a thing for Atasay. Our big experience shows that whether a Turkish woman works or she is a housewife, whether she is rich or poor, she is always more presentable and more feminine than a European woman. Exactly at this point, Chopard, a professional at creation of courageous and provocative models, became really happy to gracefully move this style to Turkey and to designs, prepared especially for Turkish women. We can say that Turkish women are on the front line in following the values of luxury and fitting the style. I believe, that luxurious watch have many functions apart from showing time, it demonstrates a person’s taste in fashion, life philosophy and world view. This “Luck collection” represents 5 different alternatives for women to choose a fortune symbol, the most appropriate for them.

Tektaş Saatçilik A.Ş. company, apart from Chopard, represents at the same time other world famous and very important trademarks of Swiss clock making and jewelry sector in Turkey. It is famous for demonstrating the same collections in the same time period in such world centers as Paris, Geneva, London and New York. It prefers to present precious and limited editions of its watch and jewelry collections to the collectors.

The magical meeting of Atasay and Chopard

Atasay’s work with jewelry roots in 1930-s, the time of economic development of Turkey ... How do these 2 brands, one of which is a local company, developing on its own, and the other one is an international company, meet in 2012?

Here is the story of this meeting:

75 years ago there was an active and charitable man, who lived in Çivril village of Denizli region. There was one of the rich people of Karaman, Hacı Mustafa Kamer... Hacı Mustafa wanted to continue his work in manufacturing area with his son Atasay Kamer, but young Kamer lost one of his arms in a terrible train accident when he was a child, which made his work in manufacture more difficult. That’s why he decided to quit. The father and his son decided to continue working in jewelry sector by enlarging the gold-selling work they were doing in the corner of their office in Çivril. The son, Atasay Kamer, decided to be one of “the biggest” people of Turkey by developing his father’s work...

No matter how many great dreams Atasay Kamer didn’t have any idea about his future work with Louis-Ulysse Chopard, who had creative ideas in chronometer and watch production in those times and managed to be the international brand in luxurious design. Today, Louis-Ulysse Chopard is not with us, but both 2 people who took over the work, managed to create a union of Chopard and Atasay after 150 and 75 years since the beginning of their work.

The success of Atasay, which was planning to be an international brand, attracts attention of Chopard’s directors with the help of Tektaş Saatçilik A.Ş. After the meeting Atasay was “lucky” to shake hands and make a deal with Chopard.

Cihan Kamer: “We will be the leading brand in world’s jewelry sector”

Atasay and Chopard’s legendary union was opened to public opinion during the press conference. The information on Atasay’s long way from past to present, it’s future work and the fulfilled project was given during the meeting, which The Head of the Management Board of “Atasay Kuyumculuk” (Atasay Jewelry), Cihan Kamer, The Head of the Management Board of Chopard, Caroline Scheufele, and The Head of the Management Board of Tektaş Saatçilik A.Ş. Shelly Ovadia took part in.

The Head of the Management Board of “Atasay Kuyumculuk”, Cihan Kamer , who made a speech during the meeting , reminded that Chopard made a long way even to our songs, and give an example, “Ahh, I wish I had Chopard”...Kamer said, that this sentence of the song tells about Turkish women who are very passionate about Chopard, and added, that “Chopard for Atasay collection”, the project for Atasay’s 75th anniversary, is a way to fulfill the women’s desires.

Kamer said, “First of all, I want to thank Tektaş Saatçilik that became the reason of this partnership between Atasay and Chopard. The project of Atasay and Chopard exists due to Tektaş’s team. Our purpose for the next years is to continue being the locomotive and the leader of this sector by satisfying our clients, being suitable for every taste and every budget, creating new valuable solutions, surprising those who like jewelry and always creating something new in a way that suits our experience. Our vision is to become one of 10 biggest trademarks, the leaders of jewelry sector of the world. That’s why we plan to start our work on global markets by using our export experience and ‘know-how’”.

Kamer said that they also plan to open some shops in the world’s prestige points and added that they want to represent their dreams to the customers from all over the world, to make Atasay a wanted brand and help Atasay deliver the luxurious products to those points where they are needed.

Caroline Scheufele, said “Lucky collection will spark among the trends”

The Head of the Management Board of Chopard, Caroline Scheufele, who took a word during the meeting on the partnership with Atasay, said that it was the first time in Chopard’s history, when this trademark started a product based mutual work with a local trademark in Turkey. Scheufele stated that Atasay is a great brand with 75 years of history, it has very long and successful past and very valuable place in the sector, and added, “I have always loved Turkey. It has many special places. Your country is a bottomless inspiration source for designers. Every time when I come to Istanbul I like to go to Grand Bazaar and look and examine colorful beads. Luck and fortune symbols have always attracted me. Even when I go to a fancy party abroad, I always wear blue amulet against the evil eye next to my expensive jewelry. I am very happy to design such special products for Turkish women during our partnership with such a deep-rooted brand as Atasay”.

Red carpet ceremony means Chopard!

Chopard, that owns limited annual productions of incomparable collections, has had a very important place among Swiss watches for 150 years. Chopard with its stylish, modern, classic, elegant and gracious collections continues to be the first choice of Hollywood stars and V.I.P.

Chopard is a brand famous for the ‘performance’ of its historical and luxurious collections on such important award ceremonies, as Oscar, Cannes. Chopard that presents its invaluable jewelry is the creator of ‘Golden Palm’ and it has been its official sponsor since 1989. Chopard has been the official designer of watches and jewelry that Cannes stars wear for a very long time.

Chopard’s jewelry is used not only in Cannes but in Oscar Award Ceremonies as well...Till today, such celebrities as Madonna, Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz , Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlize Theron and Marion Cotillard wore Chopard’s designs. Eva Herzigova, Penelope Cruz and Bar Rafaeli are the most famous faces of Chopard.

The features of the collection

  • Carolin Scheufele, who is at the same time Chopard’s Watch Director, designed “Good Luck” collection, which consists of 5 different models.
  • The watches themselves are made of steel, the watch straps are made of sateen of different pastel colors.
  • The watches have the symbols of luck and fortune, which are gracefully decorated with colorful sapphires, rubies and brilliants.
  • Such symbols of luck and fortune as clover, heart, blue bead worn against the evil eye , Fatma’s hand and horse shoe were used in the collection.
  • Each of this collection’s models has an international guaranty.

Chopard’s place in luxury consumption

Chopard, that was established as a clock making company by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in Switzerland in 1860 nowadays develops collection which are the synthesis of jewelry and watch. The company started its work by using its creative ideas to produce sensitive pocket watches and chronometers, later it concentrated on jewelry and grew. Chopard develops its quality standards every day, it became one of 4 companies who were honored to get a document, that Fleurier Quality Foundation gives to the firms, the quality of products of which is really high.

Atasay’s place in Turkish jewelry sector

Atasay, a leader of Turkish jewelry sector that nowadays has 118 shops in Turkey and abroad and approximate 300 sales points which help it to define the trends in jewelry sector and let its valuable, special and different from others designs meet its owners. Atasay, the life of which started in 1937 in Çivril village, Denizli, industrialized jewelry sector, made it stop being just a tradesman’s work. This made Atasay the locomotive and the leader of this sector.

Atasay played very important role in the development of Turkish jewelry sector due to its valuable work, the first things it accomplished and the projects it carried out. While Turkish jewelry sector was transforming from a tradesman’s work to the industry, branding has picked up the speed due to the turn of propensity to save gold into jewelry-making. Many important works and projects accomplished during these 75 years of adventure helped Atasay to become the leader of the sector. Design concept was presented to the sector by Atasay, as well as collection principle. Atasay’s collections are coordinated by Özgül Sokullu and prepared by the company’s fashion designer Özlem Süer. Atasay’s designer team owns a lot of important world awards.

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