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Belle Atasay Translating 2010 Season’s Trends into Jewelry

The BELLE Atasay – 2010 Winter Collection evokes the past with items created in opposition to technological trends and that encompass jewelry styles from your grandmother’s dresser to that of the palace nobility while reflecting the most entertaining aspects of street fashion with a retro futuristic twist, all brought together under four concepts.

Atasay has launched the 2010 Fall-Winter Collection of its BELLE brand, which takes seasonal fashions and trends and translates them into fine jewelry. The new BELLE Atasay Collection expresses the trends of the new season in gems and various shades of gold. BELLE Atasay jewelry is ready to assume its place in the life of urban women.

The Atasay design team, under the coordination of Özgül Sokullu and in consultation with Özlem Süer, has created the BELLE Atasay 2010 Fall-Winter Collection. It consists of four themes that express world fashion trends: Conceptual, Belle Femme, A La Mode, and Hoops.

Designs that offer time travel
BELLE Atasay’s indispensible designs for the fall and winter of 2010 offer an uncommon journey through time, from the vestiges of the past to anticipated lines of the future, ranging in focus from technology to romanticism.

Conceptual: expressing architectural features in jewelry
A futuristic synthesis of architectural details and technology in jewelry. Striking modern designs that blend vestiges of the recent past with forms of the future are gathered together under the Conceptual theme.

The Conceptual theme introduces aficionados of design to jewelry that expresses past, present and future features such as universality, abstract structures, digital love, and digital life.

Belle Femme: jewelry in opposition to technology
The Belle Femme theme has been created for refined women who shun the age of technology by expressing their innate romanticism. Romantic forms enter the lives of today’s romantic yet modern women through the glimmering jewelry of the Belle Femme theme, which embodies the essence of love.

A La Mode: from the jewelry in grandmother’s dresser to reflections of palace nobility
Indispensible designs for this season for women who blend modern trends with their individual style and vintage pieces. Meticulously created, the A La Mode theme brings to shop windows a contemporary rendering of the authentic face of the past and a dazzling portrayal of nobility.

Hoops: the most entertaining aspect of street fashion
Women who are constantly on the go, delight in novelties, love both childlike details and femininity, and know how to enjoy fashion will have a lovely winter this year with Hoops, which offers a range of entertaining, fun, playful, and bemusing designs.

Fashion notes from Atasay Design Coordinator Özgül Sokullu
The most important concepts for the new season are individuality and self expression. Global economic and cultural changes have altered the concept of luxury, turning it into a mass phenomenon. The Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau movements, which opposed monotony and mediocrity, and the Green Movement for the protection of the environment have made a vital impact on design. At no other time have jewelry trends been so intimately coupled with fashion.

In 2010 we will see designs reminiscent of the past 50 to 100 years, along with futuristic pieces.

Some of the trendsetting jewelry in 2010 includes:
• Hooped earrings
• Special designs having the appearance of being one-off
• Three-dimensional geometric jewelry
• Surfaces with pearls and gems
• Jewelry that tell stories and are inspired by cultural and religious historicity
• Colorful designs with an unexpected range of colors
• Futuristic jewelry inspired by architecture
• Luxurious, bold jewelry

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