Vision / Mission


By 2023, we will take our place among the first ten corporations leading the jewelery sector in the world.


  • By taking inspiration from our historic heritage, protecting our corporate traditions and drawing upon our power for design and production, we continue to be “the brand of the firsts” in the sector.
  • With understanding of innovative approach and reasonable price policy, we ensure that our customers feel happy and special.
  • We work in order to present Atasay products special for everyone from different cultures and ages all over the world.
  • We care about sharing; we bring in, we earn and then we share.

Our Core Values

  • It is our core policy to add value to the lives of our customers in every sense.
  • We are respectful to social values and we are open to change and progress.
  • Our relationships are based on honesty and objectivity.
  • Ethical codes of conduct and competitive intelligence shape our behaviour.
  • We conserve our natural resources and protect historic heritage; add value and pass them onto the future generations.
  • We adopt and continue an operation policy open to learning and teaching.
  • In order to invest in their future, we adopt a life-long education policy for our employees and business partners.
  • We take criticism as an opportunity for learning and develop ourselves in this way.
  • We always collect comments and feedbacks of our customers on our products and services, and develop solution-based behaviours.
  • We value our employees, we believe in what we do, we base our relationships on mutual love, respect and trust, we dedicate ourselves to our jobs with passion.
  • We act with a sense of social responsibilities towards our own society and accept it as one of our prior targets to support education.