Social Responsibility

Atasay Jewelry’s 2002 collection ‘Living Anatolian Jewelry’ was created to revive Turkish handicrafts and the legacy of Anatolian culture and to spread awareness of them. This is also the reason behind the company’s launch of its Myras brand in 2008.

Similarly, through its book Living Anatolian Jewelry and an exhibition held at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, Atasay promoted the priceless treasures of Turkey internationally.

In addition to its mission of reviving Turkish handicrafts and Turkey’s cultural legacy, the Atasay Group supports many projects, ranging from education to health that contribute to social well being. These include:

  • Support for the construction of a nursery school in Üsküdar, Istanbul
  • Support for the Show TV campaign for martyrs of the War on Terror
  • Support for the construction of the Bahçelievler 0-6 Nursery School at the “Modern Painting Donation Auction” held by the Açık Kapı Sosyal Sorumluluk Derneği (Open Door Social Responsibility Association)
  • Support for the construction of the Kasımpaşa Nursery School in Istanbul
  • Repair of a primary school in Tutak, in the province of Ağrı, eastern Turkey
  • Building of the Atasay Kamer Primary School in Bulanık, in Muş province, eastern Turkey, in collaboration with the Turkish Foundation for Educating Children, TOÇEV
  • Building two university faculties and a dormitory in Çivril, in Denizli province, western Turkey