Kimberley Process

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme was established by the ‘Interlaken Declaration’ concluded on 5 November 2002 under the leadership of the Republic of South Africa. Its objective is to prevent the illegal trade in diamonds that are extracted in conflict regions and to control the diamond trade. Within the framework of this system, the trade of diamonds which do not meet specified criteria and imports from and exports to countries not taking part in the declaration are banned. Many of the meetings of the United Nations Security Council and the General Assembly have lent support to this scheme through references to it in decisions and recommendations that these bodies have made. Forty-seven states (including the United States and Turkey) and regional economic entities (among them the European Union), are party to this agreement.

The diamonds used by Atasay Jewelry are obtained from certified diamond vendors operating in countries that are members of the Kimberley Process.