Human Resources

Our Human Resources Policy

The strongest and most fundamental element that enables Atasay to approach its vision and achieve its mission is its employees. Our Human Resources policies and practices have been established in line with this understanding.

To this end and to ensure that it will achieve its goals in the future, Atasay has made short- and long-term business plans and, within the context of specified job descriptions, it has developed personnel that:

  • Has a sense of social responsibility and ethics
  • Learns continually in order to reach a goal, and works productively
  • Uses knowledge when working to obtain results, demonstrates success quantitatively
  • Takes every achievement as a litmus test against Atasay’s highest aims and believes in the importance of continuous success and attainment of goals
  • Has a sense of strategic management and of being part of a corporation, and are team players working toward process management
  • Are open to change and are able to productively use all existing information and management techniques to reach goals
  • Never forgets that knowledge belongs not to people but to the company and, hence, will work to create ‘Company Knowledge’

Our common values:

  • To concentrate on team spirit and solidarity through institutional achievements
  • To be creative and innovative
  • To create a workforce that is self-confident, dynamic, effective and productive
  • To keep employee motivation high
  • To have a sense of domestic and foreign customer satisfaction
  • To be socially aware, reliable and honest
  • To obey laws and regulations

Performance Evaluation:

Atasay has a performance evaluation system in place determined according to the goals of our company. All employees are subject to biannual performance evaluations. Any training and development projects needed in light of these evaluations are created in coordination with the Human Resources Department.

Hence, the corporate goals of Atasay and the personal goals of its employees are integrated when annual goals are determined.

Career Planning:

Along with developments in organizational structure and as opportunities arise, managers and candidate managers who will enable Atasay to achieve its future goals are continually monitored through the performance evaluation system and by upper management. Training is received by those in backup positions and at the end of the year, upper management and the Human Resources Department conduct evaluations and make promotions and appointments.


Training is conducted in-house and outside the company. It is organized according to needs analyses conducted by the Human Resources Department and department managers and it is based on the present and potential performance of Atasay’s employees.

Training needs analysis and performance evaluation results are the most important criteria used in determining the kind of training to be conducted. Those persons responsible for determining the content of training programs for deputy and assistant positions take these analyses into consideration.

Atasay Retailing Academy conducts training of sales personnel affiliated with the Retailing General Office.

Recruitment and Placement:

Atasay has established a competency-based hiring procedure.

Job descriptions for all positions have been determined and revised according to needs. In addition, minimum qualifications required for candidates for each position have been established.

We employ candidates based on our Human Resources Policy and Common Values, to enable Atasay to reach its future goals.

Job Application:

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