A Story of a Brand’s Creation

Atasay Jewelry, a company with roots in the Turkish Republic’s formative years, has been a leader in the Turkish jewelry sector for three generations. From its founding in Çivril, Denizli, in 1937, Atasay has risen to become a leader for the transformation of Turkey’s jewelry-making from small business operations into an industry.

The turning point in Atasay Jewelry’s expansion came when Atasay Kamer took over the company from his father. The son went on to carry it the full distance to his stated goal of making the company one of the biggest in the sector in Turkey.

Building upon his father’s knowledge and experience, Atasay Kamer opened adventurous paths to growth and development. The most important point in Atasay Kamer’s quest was his Anatolia tour in 1965, when he amassed a great deal of knowledge and experience of the jewelry sector in the many Anatolian cities he visited.

Atasay Kamer acquired a familiarity with the various jewelry-making techniques and traditions in Anatolia’s diverse regions by observing them in situ, to his great benefit culturally and commercially. Following the Anatolian tour, Atasay Kamer began to lay the building blocks for Atasay Jewelry.