Frequently Asked Questions

How can I distinguish an Atasay branded product?
Atasay patent is imprinted in all Atasay branded products.

Can I change or return products without patent imprinted on?
Products without Atasay or Atasay sub-brand patent imprinted on cannot be returned or changed.

Can I return a purchased Atasay product on sales price?
Except for the defective products, product returns cannot be made.

How can I return a used Atasay diamond product in Atasay stores?
All diamond product returns undergo an expert review at the head office. Returned products within this range are checked whether there is a damage such as broken stone on the diamond products. In case of damage presence the product is not covered for return. Products with approval from the expert review are returned within the current gold and diamond market price.

How can I return my used gold product?
Used gold products are returned in compliance with scrap gold procedure.

Where can I change my unused Atasay product?
Product changes are made within 14 days of purchase only from the store the purchase is made. When a change request is placed within 14 days of purchase, the invoice or certificate of the product is asked from the customer to be presented. No change can be processed for the product without the invoice or the certificate. Change procedure is processed for the customers with an invoice or a certificate. Products purchased from airport stores, specially modified products for a customer and exclusive customer orders cannot be changed or returned.

How and with which products can I change gold and/or diamond Atasay products I purchased?
Change procedure is made within 14 days of purchase except for money change and products such as bangles, provided that the price of the new product is not less than the return product, and the gold products can be changed with all other Atasay products without carat difference and diamond products are changed only with diamond products. Products without invoice, sales slip or certificate cannot be changed. Gold and diamond products cannot be changed for money change (Atakulche, gram gold, Cumhuriyet gold coin and etc…) and bangles.

How can I change Atasay gift product?
Upon customer request changing/gift cards can be given to the customer for the purchases made with gift purposes. The validity of the changing card is for 14 days. Product change is made without asking for invoice or sales slip if the product is unused and customer demand is made within 14 days of purchase with the changing card. Changing/gift card is asked for gift products. However, if the customer is unable to present any proof of purchase for a distinguished Atasay product, the customer is directed to the store the purchase is made and the relevant store tries to find out the product details. If there is no product registration in that store scrap procedure is applied upon the approval of the customer.

Can I change or return Atasay product I purchased from the outlet stores?
Products purchased from outlet stores under outlet conditions cannot be returned unless defective, but they can be changed in the store the purchase is made. These stores cannot process change or return procedure for products purchased from other stores. Customer is directed to the store the purchase is made. Usual change procedure is applied to the season products sold in outlet stores with normal sales conditions.

Which Atasay products can I not change or return?
Products purchased from airport stores, specially modified products for a customer and exclusive customer orders cannot be changed or returned.

How long is the guarantee period of Atasay products?
“Repair and maintenance service guarantee” in all Atasay products is for 2 years. A repair and maintenance fee is charged for products after 2 years.

Which products are not covered under the guarantee?
Products modified anywhere other than our company or 2 year-old-products cannot be covered under this guarantee.

* If customers with old certificates want to change or return their products the process will be in accordance with the conditions written on the certificate.

* Atasay Jewelry Industry and Trade Inc. Company has the right to make changes and corrections related with the above mentioned articles without any further notice.