The Franchising System

Since its foundation, through the business models it has brought to the jewelry sector, innovative product categories and major campaigns, Atasay has pioneered the development of our sector.

As the most strongly established and esteemed brand in our sector, we invite entrepreneurs to become a part of our franchising system, whether they are wishing to open an Atasay store or wish to develop their existing businesses.

Investors opening Atasay stores within the framework of our franchising system will have the backing of the sector’s most trusted and admired company so they can take advantage of a ready customer potential created by our powerful and trusted brand image. Therefore, by becoming part of a system that is already in place and beginning one step ahead of your competitors, you will have a greater opportunity and more energy to develop your business.

Through our franchising system, which began in 2002, we will share with you a network based on years of accumulated experience in organized retailing, thereby giving you access to specialized departments and professionals that a single store would not otherwise be able to employ on its own account.

The Atasay Retailing Academy, which we established to support training and development of our stores, conducts training in a variety of areas on a regular basis, thus providing our stores with the wherewithal to operate in the midst of rapidly changing market conditions.

You will have access to data and a strong technological infrastructure that will link your store to our center.

By using the software that we have developed, you will have the opportunity to view stocks at our headquarters and place orders in an instant, and you will have at your disposal any accounting program needed to run a store. In addition, you will profit from common benefits such as selling our products at retail prices determined by our headquarters.

Being part of Atasay, Turkey’s most recognized jewelry brand, will give you the advantage of an increase in preference for branded products on Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, birthdays, and wedding anniversaries. Moreover, through the support offered by our advertising campaigns throughout the year, you will have the chance to sell and make profits above market averages.

We will be pleased to see you as a member of the Atasay family.