Traditional and Modern Design Lines

Atasay’s creations attract a broad range of consumers nationally and internationally with its sophisticated and dazzling creations that satisfy women’s desires worldwide.

Atasay’s international award-winning Design Team forms the jewelry world’s design directions by monitoring world fashion trends to determine the lines for each new season. These unique and distinctive designs, with refined aesthetic lines and crafted from the best quality materials to complement the elegance of women, place Atasay at the forefront of the Turkish and international jewelry sector.

Two Collections a Year

Atasay Jewelry exercises great influence over international jewelry trends. The impact of the practices it initiated in 2005 was no exception.

Atasay Jewelry is a pioneer in Turkish jewelry-making sector. As such, it attempts to create two main collections that reflect the richness of the world fashion industry or to enrich existing collections every year. It draws in the colors and geometrical designs favored by customers throughout the world, integrates them into various designs and offers them to the Turkish consumer. In the process, Atasay has made jewelry into an extension of lifestyle.